• We believe we can help you "actualize" the life you have always wanted.

Turning Points Recovery Services

Turning Points Recovery Services is committed to working with those who want help for alcohol, drugs, and/or other addictive behaviors. Although it may or may not feel like you are here voluntarily, you made the choice to be here and we have a commitment to honor your choice. We have found that many of our program participants acknowledge their problems and use the information learned during treatment to positively change their lives; others appear indifferent to treatment and may not seem interested in making any life changes.

We want you to know that what you take with you at the end of your program is entirely up to you, but it is our responsibility to provide you with the information and tools that makes change available to you. TPRS has a mission to provide quality, affordable and easily accessible treatment. 

Why Do People Seek Treatment?

Contemplating the choice to seek help with a substance abuse problem can be a little embarrassing, intimidating, and even downright frightful. People often battle with thoughts and feelings that can complicate their decision process. We want you to know that we understand and want to encourage you by stating that nearly everyone goes through this stage of development.

Serving Central Oregon

Serving Bend, Prineville and growing!